For Sale: Rare 1972 Original
Alex Niño Painting
The Enforcer
Media: Markers on canvas; Original pencil sketch markings faintly show.
Date Produced: Mid to late 1971 to early 1972 in Tarlac, Luzon, Philippines.
Signature: Lower-Mid Left
Size: 43.75" x 22" (111.13cm x 55.88cm)
Condition: Very Fine (my estimate); suitable for display
Frame: None; (1" Gallery Wrap)
Backing Board: None
Owner/Seller: J. Michael George; see History below.
— History —
In 1971-1972, I was serving in the United States Air Force stationed at Clark Air Base north of Manila. Either in late 1971 or early 1972, I happened upon this piece in a gallery in Tarlac, about 30 miles north. I had never heard of Alex Niño but the piece spoke to me so I bought it. Years later, I learned that Tarlac was Alex's home town.
In May of 1972, I returned home to California. I had carefully removed the canvas from the stretcher bars before coming home, rolled it up, and stored it in a shipping tube for transport. And there it stayed for some thirty years.
One day, years ago, I discovered it stored away and opened the tube to find my Alex Niño treasure. It was in fine shape but needed stretching. I took it to Tiina Parmasto, owner of Arizona Art Restoration where she expertly, (and tenderly), stretched it over new, modern stretcher bars with a 1” gallery wrap. She also freshened up the canvas a bit but did nothing major. It has been a prized possession on display, ever since.
Below is a copy of part of my military DD-214 form I received when I was honorably discharged from the Air Force, in California. It verifes my last duty location as being Clark Air Base. I was a musician playing woodwind instruments in the Air Force Band, first in Texas and then the Philipines.
We're moving soon, so my treasured Alex Niño piece must now find a new home. My family are not comic/fantasy art fans and I want someone to enjoy it, as did I, for a long time.
—  Comic-Con International 2018  —
In 2018, I took the piece to Comic-Con in San Diego where Alex Niño had a booth. He and his son were at the booth. I approached him and told him I had something to show him. As I unwrapped the painting, his eyes got big and when I asked him if he recognized the piece, he exclaimed, “Oh yes!”
We had a very nice conversation about what life was like for him as a budding comic artist in the Philippines. (This was just before he came to the U.S. to work for DC Comics, Disney, and to publish his own art books.)
After nearly 50 years, he remembered the piece and said he was experimenting with markers and liked the effect. He was kind and gracious to me and allowed his son to take a picture of the two of us with his beautiful work. This was an encounter with true brilliance I shall never forget.
At the time I had no intention of selling the piece, but times change and now it’s time for someone else to enjoy this extremely rare piece of comic art history. Finding its equivalent would be very difficult without time travel.
I had also brought with me an 8 1/2” x 11” glossy photo print of the painting and he joyously signed it. Alex Nino’s signature has matured over the years from what you see on the painting to his current style. You could see in his eyes the joy he felt considering a lifetime of brilliantly creative work. I was glad to remind him. He is a kind and humble soul.
—  Tribute to a Master  —
This is an extraordinary offering of one of the masters of fantasy/comic art. My wish is that it goes to someone who will appreciate both its extreme rarity and the artist's astonishing talent, even at the beginning of his career.
Depending on the destination, I may be willing to personally deliver the painting within about 600 miles of Phoenix, AZ.
If we ship the piece, I will use a substantial shipping box and pack securely, and ship to you via FedEx, well insured. No international shipping.
Serious inquiries only, please. Email: